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Zero Lush

Zero Lush ™ Wine Preserver

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This is a great way to keep your non-alcoholic and dealcoholized wine fresh. It’s easy to use and actually makes a huge difference in the flavour of your wine over a few days. Removing the air from the bottle helps preserve that flavour you tasted the first time you opened it.

  • Keeps wine fresh for days
  • Rubber stoppers adhere to the bottle creating the maximum seal
  • Comes with x 2 corks.


  • Wine Preserver Tool Set
    Protects from bacterial and oxidation processes, keep wine with natural fresh smell and taste up to 7-10 days

  • Reusable Bottle Stoppers
    This unique Wine Saver Vacuum Pump is produced from plastic and silicone quality material which comes with 2 reusable bottle stoppers

  • Easy to Use
    1. Put the smaller side of the black wine bottle stopper into the bottle mouth;
    2. Place the Pump on the Top of the Stopper;
    3. Pumping the air out until air resistance is detectable.then it's done

  • Keep the Original Taste
    Keep air out from stored wine and prevent oxidation with the preserver cork replacement wine stopper sealers. Each leak proof rubber stopper seals in flavour to ensure the last glass tastes as good as the first pour

  • Reusable Gifts for Wine Lovers
    Elegant black wine keeper and savers stoppers kit is a perfect gift idea for a wedding, Christmas, anniversary, birthday, or for any wine lover enthusiast. Hand wash rubber corks warm soapy water to clean