Information for Pregnant Women

Information for Pregnant Women

According to European food law, sparkling wine, wine and beer can only be labelled ‘alcohol-free’ if they contain no more than 0.5% alcohol. In comparison, depending on the fermentation process used, both apple juice and grape juice can reach an alcohol level of up to 1%.

During pregnancy, women should preferably avoid drinking alcohol. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a delicious drink. Alcohol-free versions of sparkling wines are a great alternative for those who don’t want to consume alcohol.

Enjoying a delicious drink during pregnancy can be hard. Fortunately, there are alternatives – and for most people, alcohol-free wine is a great choice.

The alcohol content of alcohol-free sparkling wine is so low that even leading gynaecologists confirm it is harmless. So there's no reason why pregnant women can't enjoy life to the full with alcohol-free versions of sparkling wine, wine and beer. These are great ways to celebrate on special occasions such as Easter, New Year's Eve, holidays and family parties - even during pregnancy.   

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