About Us

Zero Lush Alcohol-Free Wine
What is Zero Lush?

Zero Lush is Canada's newest non-alcoholic wine company. We have partnered with European vineyards to create five premium alcohol-free wines. All our wines are 0.0% alcohol by volume. We have Red, White, Rosé, Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling White wine.

How are your wines made?

Zero Lush wines are created by our European partners using traditional wine creation methods. After a premium wine is created, the wine is then passed through a modern vacuum distil and all the alcohol is removed. Next, we bottle it using an automated process.

It's a complex process, with great results! 

Where can I purchase Zero Lush wines?

You can purchase Zero Lush wine on this website, or at a participating retailer.

Can I buy wholesale?

If you own a retail store, please contact us to get a wholesale application, pricing and ordering information.